Now the first academic term of 2018/19 is in full flow we thought we would share with you our top teaching blogs and resources that have given us that teaching inspiration so far.

Teacher Toolkit -  

Twitter - @TeacherToolkit
Facebook - @TeacherToolkit
Instagram - teachertoolkit

Teacher Toolkit is a fantastic blog for all you teachers looking for great informative articles around how to use social media effectively as a teacher, hints and tips for in the classroom as well as some great online resources for CPD.

We Are Teachers -   

Twitter -@WeAreTeachers
Facebook - @WeAreteachers
Instagram - weareteachers

We Are Teachers is a never-ending source of information and knowledge. They have a wide range of fantastic classroom ideas, teaching strategies, career advice as well as a number of outstanding training resources for you to help develop and grow your skills in the teaching profession.

ICTEvangelist -

Twitter - @ICTEvangelist
Facebook - @theictevangelist
Instagram - ictevangelist

ICTEvangelist provides experience and expertise within the school environment. If you are looking for resources to help with your organisation skills or how to use technology to help you in your role then this is the place to look!

We hope you all find these as useful as we do!

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